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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketter

University of Cologne

Cologne Institute of Information Systems Department of Sustainable Society
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Wolfgang Ketter is Chaired Professor of Information Systems at the University of Cologne. He is also Professor of Next Generation Information Systems and Academic Director of the Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. Ketter co-founded the open energy system platform Power TAC, an automated retail electricity trading platform that simulates the performance of retail markets in an increasingly prosumer- and renewable-energy-influenced electricity landscape. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Energy and Mobility.

Professor Ketter’s research focusses on the use of rapidly advancing computing power to create a faster, more sustainable transition to clean energy and mobility. His publications and projects span a wide range of applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent trading agents in the design of smart markets, including demand response mechanisms and in particular automated auctions. Ketter’s research is multidisciplinary, addressing the overlap of AI and ML in the economics of retail energy and mobility. In 2020, a project on automated auctions at the Royal FloraHolland was recognized with the prestigious Association for Information Systems Impact Award.

The industry and policy applications of his research interconnect in large-scale projects such as the EU Smart City development project Ruggedised, for which the Erasmus University-based team's publication on the optimization of the City of Rotterdam’s electric transit bus network was recognized with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Daniel H. Wagner runner-up award.