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Prof. Dr. Martin Kment

University of Augsburg

Chair for Public Law and European Law, Environmental Law and Planning Law Institute for Environmental Law
University Professor and Head of Institute
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Martin Kment is born 1975, married and has 5 children. 2000 First State Examination at University of Muenster.
2001 Doctor Iuris at University of Muenster;
2002 LL.M. (Univ. Cambridge).
2004 Second State Examination; 2009 Habilitation at University of Muenster.
2011-2013 Professor at EBS University Wiesbaden, Germany;
since 2013 Professor at University of Augsburg.
Since 2013 Director of the Environmental Law Institute, University of Augsburg and since 2015 Dean for Research of the Law Faculty, University of Augsburg.

Martin Kment has founded the German Environemtal and Infrastructure Law Conference. He is member of the academic advisory council of the Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association and member of the center for climate resilience at the University of Augsburg.
Martin Kment has published more than 200 academic pieces and is editor of several journals and academic book series. Apart from that, he advises public institutions, parties, governments, associations, companies and NGOs in his field of expertise.